Watergeus – Removing the dashboard

29th October 2017  – The dashboard in the wheelhouse was no good anymore. I quickly built a new one in plywood. Finishing it will be for later. It is now important that it holds the meters and that the cables become connected to it.

I have two switch panels and a battery meter. There is a bilge alarm and that is it. The idea is to keep it simple.

Moving the Arma

23rd October 2017 – We had to move the Arma. She was moored where a dredging company had to work. The company had a strong pusher and together with the bowtruster of the Arma, we managed to get to the other side. Halfway the manoeuvre, the bow DAF engine died and we had to rely on the pusher.

Bowtruster of the Arma


Arma with the pusher

Watergeus: Changing the meetbrief

18th October 2017 – When I moved onto my ship several years ago, the meetbrief was still having the old address where I lived before. To get a permission to have radio equipment aboard, I had to change this document. There are two options:

  • driving to Schoten (Antwerp) or
  • changing it in Ostend.

It is one of these administrative hassles you just need to do, but it nearly takes you half a day to do so.

Tordino – Building a desk in the Library room

13th October 2017 – The Library room needs a desk where people can ask for information or request books and documents from our archive. It needs to divide the storage of books and the area where people can read books.

I spent some time building the desk. It isn’t finished, but you get the idea.

Watergeus – Patching the deck

28th September 2017 – There is a lot of pitting on deck. It has been there before I bought her, but it is hard to maintain and I believed the metal was weak underneath. While chipping, we discovered it was rotten. Some parts on deck have been doubled where it was the worst. Other parts will be done at a later stage since I ran out of metal. Most of my spare parts are still on Tordino.

Between the engine room and the storage unit used to be a bulkhead. It was removed when the Watergeus became a water supply ship. In February, I rebuild most of the bulkhead. The bottom plate had to be done, but there were some pipes running through from an old fuel tank. We disconnected the fuel tank, so I can easily remove the fuel pipes and the old fuel pump.

In the afternoon, we managed to get the anchor winch running again. She was stuck. After removing the brakes and spraying a lot of wd40, she started turning…

I made two holes in the wheelhouse for the wiring. To prevent rain from coming in, I welded two rvs pipes. Some brackets for the lights were mounted and the day was over…

Some friends moored alongside late in the evening, we had a drink and time to close the day!