Big Jump

10th July 2022 – Today we had the big jump in Plassendale. People jumping in the water to make a statement it should be cleaner.  I was aboard the vlet Djoey as standby in case something would go wrong.

Stern – Cleaning and wiring

3rd July 2020 – We mainly cleaned the outside of the ship and most of all the roof of the wheelhouse. I connected the solar panels to the wiring in the ship and moved the VHF antennas. Since I mounted a metal support for the search lights, the antennas could no longer be collapsed in case we were passing a low bridge.


Stern – Curtains and welding

2nd July 2022 – The day started relaxed by mounting the curtains in the living room and sealing the windows in the bedroom. Then I started welding the brackets for the solar panels, fixed the railing and mounted a small wooden mast. So far so good. 

I raised the solar panels and wanted to weld the bolted frame to the new supports. About ten seconds later, solar panel one started cracking into thousand pieces… 

Slightly frustrated, I removed everything and made a new smaller frame for one panel…


And I must admit, one panel is looking better then the two that were squeezed into the roof.