Tordino – Navigation lights, Library and cleaning

23rd October 2020 – The skylight for Tordino is nearly ready

I mounted the first of two boxes for the navigation lights. They are not mandatory, but it looks more traditional. The boxes came from the Arma where I salvaged them two years ago.

My mother and I cleaned the roof of the living room and kitchen. Most of the green paint is coming loose. A job for next year. I mounted a nice bench in hard wood. Fits with the new style of the ship.

In the afternoon, we changed the Library, creating more space.


Stern – Mounting the second and final porthole

21st October 2020 – Planning is everything. Yesterday I planned to finish the ceiling, today I wanted to put t&g against the walls. What did I do, something totally different, mounting the last porthole. At least, I have no more metal work at the moment.

In the late evening, I had to cut a rope since it was pulling the ship sideways to land and I couldn’t predict what would happen. If the water is lowered, no problem. But if it continues to raise…

Tordino – Erfgoed in Zicht

20th October 2020 – Every evening, I try to add a few more documents of objects to the Adlib Inventory of Museumschip Tordino. Winter is the perfect time for this. Outside it is dark and cold, inside warm and cosy. Scanning documents and adding them to a database while some music is playing. 

Stern – Sealing the windows

20th October 2020 – The sky wasn’t looking good and they are predicting a lot of rain tomorrow. To make sure a minimum of water is coming in, I sealed the windows from the outside. Let’s hope this is enough. 

I also went buying a pack of wood for finishing the frame around the porthole. It was a job that took me some time. I had many more plans for the evening, but only got that far…

Stern – Mounting a porthole

19th October 2020 – Just mounted a porthole, did some cleaning and started sorting out my tools. It is a very small boat, next Saturday my other windows will be delivered and I have no access to the frames at the moment.  I really hope everything will be sealed before the winter starts. 

One thing is for sure, working with windows in the wheelhouse is much nicer. You don’t live in a black box, you see what is happening outside. It is motivating me more to work in the evening again on this project.

Stern – Small jobs

18th October 2020 – I started early in the morning cleaning the wheelhouse. Cutting with a saw in metal makes more dus then expected. It became sticky because of the cutting oil as well. 

In the afternoon, I fixed an issue with one one window. Two more to go.  The supports for the VHF antennas were mounted, so was the horn. It is starting to look like a real ship!

Tordino – New skylight

18th September 2020 – Last week I received a big skylight. It will serve on Tordino to replace the 70’s looking plastic skylight. A traditional wooden one is looking much better and since Tordino is now recognised as a historical ship in Flanders as well, I want to let it look good.

Like with all things you get for free, there is a lot of work that needs doing. 

Stern – Mounting the first window

15th October 2020 – I went shopping early in the morning, getting the right blades and some metal to make some ribs for the wheelhouse. In the evening, I cut the remaining bit for the window.

It looks so much different now. Having proper light coming in from two sides now. Two more to go.


Tordino – Extending the Library

9Th October 2020 – The amount of books in the Library is growing. Every year I add some more bookshelves for the Library but their is no more space. I already removed the workshop behind the library and added cupboards. Now I added some more in the Library space itself, making it even more harder for people to sit. Not a good idea during the covid-19 period, but I have no other options. 

In the afternoon the furniture was mounted while my mother continued cleaning and restoring the old models we received two months ago.