Op Hoop van Zegen – For real

24th October 2015 – Happiness turns into a mixed feeling by entering the ship. I have been aboard several times in the past, but she hadn’t become any better. The fuel tanks had been leaking into the bilges. I can stay in the accommodation for around 10 minutes. I changed locks and started cleaning the inside of the ship. All rubbish went into big barrels and buckets. A close friend came and started laughing. After a while she realised how much work I was having…

It was enough for the day. I took a shower and had a drink.

Aquarel – Leaking windows

18th October 2015 – My parents came to help me. I have my deadline to finish the hold by the end of December, so it only needs painting. Instead of continuing, I now started with the old accommodation at the back of the ship. Today my parents removed the old vanish while I did the second cupboard.

It takes me an average of two days to make something nice out of every cupboard. The wood behind the paneling is rotten or just gone. Last week, I put a bucket under one of the old windows because I felt some humidity. Today the bucket was full of water. So that window is definitely leaking . It took us some time to discover the leak and yes we found it.

I removed all the silicon and paint. The windows is now covered with a bug plastic sail and some tape. It must dry out before I start repairing it. It might also explain why I had water in the bilges underneath the old accommodation…

Aquarel – Unloading wood

14th October 2015 – I still had one load of wood left on the Watergeus, around 20 sheets of multiplex and some t&g. I cut the sheets the right size and transported them to the Aquarel. This are the moments you love your van….

Aquarel – A working toilet

13th October 2015 – I love to have a working toilet aboard the Aquarel. It gives some basic comfort. I have now the original bedroom that is clean and repaired, or should I just call it rebuild.

This evening I did some of the plumbing. I never like these kind of jobs, so to finish the evening, I did the remaining painting in the cupboard in the old accommodation.

Aquarel – Finishing the bathroom

11th October 2015 – It has been a long time ago, I worked three days in a row on the ship. The next area to finish is the bathroom. I only had a few hours, but I’m getting there. It is a bit more work then estimated, but nothing I can’t handle at the moment. All the water pipes are now behind the walls, ready to be connected. They are out of the way, which gives me more space to walk around. At the moment, I want to have as much free space as possible since next Wednesday I’m going to load my ship with some fresh wood that is still stored on deck at the Watergeus.

Aquarel – painting bricks!

10th October 2015 – I spent a few more hours aboard the Aquarel, painting the brick wall and the wardrobe. I had to stop since I ran out of paint. The brick wall is a shame on the ship. Bricks don’t belong on a ship, but I can’t remove them. At some point, I planned shooting T&G over it, but the heat of diesel heather could cause a fire. Therefore I decided to paint them. While I was painting, I removed the heather and will put an electric one. Less chance of a fire, nice heat, but a bit expensive to run. I had some decoration left from the spits barge I emptied last year. makes it nearly look original.

Aquarel – Breaking down the kitchen

9th October 2015 – It is a hard period for me. Motivation is one of the things I’m missing at the moment, just like some joy from the work I’m doing at the moment. If I don’t continue working, the project will take to long. I made a deadline, the hold should be ready by May 2016. Sounds acceptable, but when you walk around, there are so many small issues that needs sorting out. I don’t know anymore…

I ripped out the kitchen unit I built last year. I started doubting during the construction of it and a close friend recommended me removing it. It looked wrong, she said. Removing something I have built is a major job. Nails, screws, glue and silicon. It was that strong it survived hits from a sledge hammer. By the time I was finished, it took me another hour to repair the wall behind and make it look like there had never been a kitchen before.

While breaking down the kitchen, my mother painted the hall to get into the hold from the old accommodation. The old accommodation is a separate project, but we decided to clean out one wardrobe. Most of the wood was rotten, so I took it all out. What was left is now protected against woodworm and has been fixated as well. It would be nice to reuse the whole back accommodation one day.

My bedroom got a second coat of paint and some other small jobs were done today.

Aquarel – Running pipes

20th September 2015 – The idea was to work a whole day. Sadly enough, the evening before was a late one and I had a small hang over. I continued with the water system. I have now done the big runs with the pipes. It did take me much more time then expected, certainly when you are on your own. Now the pipes are done, I can concentrate on finishing the last side of the hold putting wood and t&g. Once this is over, most woodwork will be done.

Aquarel – Feeling ill

13th September 2015 – I have never felt so bad for a long period. On arrival at the Aquarel I decided to sleep and so I did the whole day. There is a photo shoot on my ship tomorrow and I wanted to clean it up. They will have to live with it…

Aquarel – Doubts on the kitchen

5th September 2015 – I had some doubts on my kitchen. When I built it, I didn’t like it. I still don’t like it now, and several people gave me the advice to remove it. Saturday morning, a good friend came and she advised me to replace it. She was the first person to see it in real and not on a picture. In some ways it is a shame since I did spent several days building that kitchen. It was a remake from the original kitchen of another spits barge.

It saves me work breaking down the current unfinished kitchen and putting one from IKEA. I can build an IKEA kitchen in one to two days, finishing the current kitchen would have taken over a week.

I’m no good with designing kitchens anyway, when the Watergeus was nearly ready, friends also told me to change it and luckily I did….

I need a big door to get to the boiler and pumps. I reused the kitchen door in the hold. It has the same pattern as the toilet door and now makes a nice combination. Never throw something away, it will always be useful one day!

It is fine when people come to have a look for the first time. If they ever come back, they are often surprised to see what has become of it. The little girl who came to have a look with her mother described the hold as a place where a bomb had exploded. And she was totally right. It is one big mess at the moment and it didn’t became any better after breaking down the kitchen.

At the moment, I’m finishing corner by corner. I’m now also hovering the floor to get a better idea of the space. It is motivating me every time I can throw away some stuff I can no longer use.

Aquarel – Plumbing

3rd September 2015 – As mentioned before I hate plumbing. The fitting I drilled through the hull had been leaking. Not much, but a ship should be dry and so I asked my neighbour to help. With the two of us I was able to give a few more turns and tighten it up. A new layer of silicon and it was dry!

One wall in the toilet had to finished, so I did.

Aquarel – Drilling and cutting holes

1st September 2015 – Drilling and cutting holes. I normally make one hole a day in my ship so I can check whether it stays dry or it leaks. Since I’m short of time and I want to keep my schedule as planned, I cut one hole in the side and mounted my chimney for the heather.

Aquarel – No bad weather damage!

30th August 2015 – After a heavy night of terrible weather, I had no motivation of working. Every excuse was fine to having to go to the boat. In the end I went in the late evening; Everything was fine. I expected a few windows to be broken, but there was no damage at all. While I was there, I finished the wall between the generator room and the hold.