Aquarel – Welding jobs

23rd November 2013 – There are so many little leaks in the boat. Most of them were nicely hidden by the previous owners. It took me a whole day to remove and close two portholes and two leaks in the old support of the towing mast – sleepmast -.

I decided to close the old outlet of the toilet. Most of the work was done yesterday. Today I welded a plate and bracket over the old pipe.

Aquarel – Welding frames

17th November 2013 – I mainly worked on the floor, removing some of the old planks and welding the frame for the new ones. It is a slow job, but it must be done. After a whole day of working, you barely see any difference.

The supports I’m making are also called kattensporen in Dutch. They prevent the ship from creating a ‘kattenrug’. This means the bottom of the ships starts bending or creating a specific shape.

Aquarel – Building the floor

3rd November 2013 – Welding the supports for the floor and the side does take more time then expected. I’m running out of clamps to hold everything in position. By the end of the evening I made a concept of the floor.

While driving home I was  changing plans slightly again. I hope to alter it tomorrow evening.

Aquarel – Painting wooden supports

2nd November 2013 – I bought some wood to temporary close some of the ribs. It is easier walking round and less chance to getting hurt!

The wooden frames are pine wood. To prevent any wood worm from entering the wood, I painted it. Since I already welded some side supports, I can now use them as a temporary table…

Aquarel – Unhappy surprise

1st November 2013 – The plan is to build a new floor in the cargo hold by the end of the year. I want to be able to walk freely around. Step one was to remove the old flooring. Seems easy, just cut the planks and lift them out. Sadly enough, when they doubled the bottom of the ship, bolts were mounted through the original metal hull into that wood. This a method I’ve never seen before.

Aquarel – Putting in more strength

26th October 2013 – After making an entrance through the back accommodation, I noticed some of the cabin metal was bent. By welding some supports, I made it stronger again. Where possible I straightened the metal as well. In the afternoon I painted the new supports and some of the older metal.

The wheelhouse got another coat of special paint for the roof. This paint is silicon based. Therefore water can’t enter the wood. The wheelhouse itself got her second coat of oil, looking shiny again!

Aquarel – Welding

21st October 2013 – I finalized welding the roof. The boat should be dry now if it rains. It gives me a good feeling to know you are safe for the winter. A metal roof is one of the milestones in the conversion of the Aquarel. Later that evening I continued closing holes in the roof of the back accommodation, a job I will continue with tomorrow when it is daylight again.

Aquarel – Closing leaks

20th October 2013 – There are still some holes in the roof of the back accommodation. Around a mast support, the previous owners used filler.

I removed the support, filler and chipped away most of the rust. I put a new plate on top and welded the roof. it wasn’t easy, since every few centimeters, I burned another hole.

Aquarel – Removing sleeping accommodation

10th October 2013 – I’m happy the sheets were on earlier this week. I haven’t see that many rain for years coming out in one day! I didn’t have a look yet inside, but some water will have come in. I still need to weld the metal plates.

Welding near wood can cause fire. Welding and fire are well known to me after last year’s incident aboard the Hornblower. I removed the sleeping accommodation at the back of my ship. It was rotten and to close to the bulkhead where I have to weld.