Aquarel – Getting the crane aboard

11th April 2014 – After two evenings of hard work, we managed to move the crane by boat to Beernem. A friendly Dutch skipper from the Verwisseling brought the crane on his hatches. While he was going anyway, I also unloaded the remaining stuff of that boat.


Aquarel – Removing roofing felt part II

8th March 2014 – My father came to help. I have made my planning a little tight. Therefore if something goes wrong, I have no spare time to solve it.

Luckily, everything went well today, the roofing felt came off easily, the hatches were loose and I had all the time to weld my supports.

At the end of the evening, I was tired, but the work for the next couple of days was done as well! I’ll take a day off tomorrow!

Aquarel – The question on insulation

25th February 2014 – I have been thinking about insulation since I had this ship. Foaming is easy, done in one day and good insulated. I’m afraid of welding with foam. When the guy is coming to foam, everything must be ready and I just know I will forget something. Therefore I might go for rockwool….

I will do some basic tests somewhere this week. I’m gone put insulation against a piece of metal and weld as much as I can. On the Watergeus, I left a gap of 17cm between the metal and my insulation. Now I’m thinking of putting the insulation against the metal….

Aquarel – Small jobs

22nd February 2014 –  I spent most of the day doing smaller jobs, welding a few supports, bolting some wood and cleaning the hold. It was time to do something, I barely find back any hammer at the moment.

Aquarel – Inside paint jobs

18th February 2014 – I love this weather, warm and dry! The moment to paint the inside of the two new hatches an to paint some more in the hold. I’m really surprised to see how much paint goes into the hold. I’m not even half way….