Op Hoop van Zegen – Progress

18th March 2016 – I had the assistance of some friend to remove the remaining part of the wheelhouse. In the meantime, I started building the entrance. A had two metal doors and a sliding hatch from another ship. It looks traditional, but there is a lot of work to make it fit. At some point, I started doubting whether I should use it or not…

Op Hoop van Zegen – The old wheelhouse

17th March 2016 – The current wheelhouse is ugly and not solid. It is big and made out of the wrong materials. The previous owner built it to double the inside space of the ship, a nice idea. I would like her to look a bit more traditional. Separating the wheelhouse from the accommodation and having a descent engine room. The current floor is built on the engine.

I estimated removing the wheelhouse would be a two day job. I’m only half the man I used to be…

Aquarel – Getting the floor for the hold

9th March 2016 – The floor arrived today. I’m using ‘steenschotten’. These are hard wooden planks used in factories to dry the stones. While they were lowered in the hold, I also put in the furniture needed for later, when she will be used as an exhibition ship or museum.

Aquarel – Clean hold

8th March 2016 – Another small update with some pictures. The hold is now clean and ready for the furniture and the floor. friends of mine will come tomorrow to help me with loading and unloading everything.

Op Hoop van Zegen – Mounting new windows

5th March 2016 – One of the first jobs that had to be done was removing the plastic windows and replace them with proper aluminum windows. I always used RAFA windows because of their quality. They are expensive, but if you look around, they are easy to find second hand. Last year I bought four windows. This means I have two more to find. Since I have some portholes left, I will put in two portholes. Saves me some money.

Aquarel – Flooring

9th February 2016 – I started building the floor of the kitchen. A slow progress. I need to cut every plank so I can use the old hatches for inspection. I just know the kitchen area is the worst and I probably have to redo the plating in this area when I go to the yard. It is still leaking underneath. I have control over the situation and with the hatches, I can keep it like this!

Therefore I used a thicker t&g for the floor. Once I’m back from the yard, I will look for a quality floor.

Aquarel – Painting the kitchen

4th February 2016 – Planning, this is the word at the moment. I’m not able to do much. I ‘ve painted the kitchen together with my mother. She helped me on the positions I couldn’t get to at the moment.

Wheel of an old light vessel. Will be part of the museum aboard Aquarel.

Aquarel – Buying a small kitchen

24th January 2016 – What else can somebody do who can’t lift a toolbox? Just go shopping. I went to Ikea with my friends. I bought my kitchen. They loaded it in a truck and unloaded it aboard.

Sometimes not being able to do something isn’t that bad anyway…

Op Hoop van Zegen – Moving the ship

2nd January 2016 – The Waterway organisation put up a sign near the ‘Op Hoop van Zegen’. Only moorings for commercial service was mentioned. A friend with a small ship came to move the ship. Maybe, what we used as a tug was to small and light. My ship has a weight of 35 tons. We managed to move her without hitting any other ship. It was sometimes close, but only a minor damaged to my rudder was the result of a near collision.