Stern – Bedroom

23rd August 2020 – The bedroom needs to be finished first so I can put the watertank in position. The bow was still filled with insulation, so I had to move that first. After a lot of moving around, I could start working. In the evening I filled the holes of the nails with filler. Painting will be for another day.


Stern – Watertank

21st August 2020 – I drove to Holland to pick up a water tank for the Stern. I wanted a specific size, and I was happy where I bought them for the Hornblower years ago…

I need a specific size so it fits through the door, and underneath the bed, without causing stability issues on the ship. I asked a few people to measure how deep the ship will be after building a wheelhouse and having a filled up watertank. 100kgs means the ship lowers 1 centimetre.  I calculated the weight of the wheelhouse to be around 500 kgs and a filled up watertank 400 kgs including its own weight.  I cannot afford the ship to be another 10 centimetres deeper, so I have to start thinking about the weight since there is no furniture yet aboard and I still need to finish many things.



Stern – Bedroom walls

16th August 2020 – I finished the two bedroom walls. This was the last bit I could do without moving the insulation. Now I have to move it, but I have nowhere to store it at the moment…

There was some heavy rain, but the ship stayed dry. I also cleaned the wheelhouse with the idea of starting to replace it on Wednesday. Sadly enough plans have changed and now it is sheduled for September 11th.