Watergeus – Colours

13th February 2011 – The back accommodation of the Watergeus is nearly finished. It is time to start thinking about curtains, paint and other coloured items. My girlfriend is the perfect person for this. She choose the colours and I must admit, I like them!

Escapade – Philosophy of covers on a boat

12th February 2011 – In the late evening, I put a new cover over the Escapade to prevent rain from getting in. Doubtfully if it will work, but anything is better then it is now! Covers often mean the end of a ship. You hide the disaster from the public. Once the cover starts to disintegrate, you put another one on top of it. Doesn’t look right, but it gives a false feeling of ignoring the problem.

Watergeus – Finishing touch…

12th February 2011 – The whole morning I went shopping, or should I rather say: wait at the info desks of the shops.

In the afternoon, I finished the walls, adding a little piece of wood to hide any possible errors I made earlier during the conversion…

Escapade – Water tank

10th February 2011 – I removed the water tank from the Escapade. I now have complete access to the bilges at the back of the ship. It is a 220 liters RVS tank. Heavy but useful. The bilges underneath don’t look that good. Some more work to add…

Escapade – Measuring and rust

6th February 2011 – I just discovered there is some more water under the engine. I makes me think I might have another leak somewhere… Doesn’t feel good. I can handle leaks from above, but not from underneath.

I used some black rubber to seal the small leakage in the joint. I hope it will stay dry.

Recently I had removed some metal from the Escapade. Since I only had half a day to work I cleaned the remaining parts at the back of the yacht. I did some measuring as well and removed some more rust.


Escapade – Water in the back compartment

5th February 2011 – There is some water at the back of the ship. It is no rain water and the shaft isn’t leaking. The joint between the bottom and the back is leaking. Small rivets and a lot of rust. I wonder if my cutting and hammering last week didn’t make it worse. I did cut out some old structured metal, and probably the best part of the ship…

Watergeus – Back accommodation

5th February 2011 – Tiling was finished on the floor in the bathroom and toilet. The ceiling of the sitting area and the walls got their wallpaper. The shower crane was mounted and a part of the wheelhouse was sanded down. Briefly written what was done today.

Escapade – Removing the back of the ship

29th January 2011 – I’ve started cutting at the back of the ship. I want to remove the welded construction and reveal her decks again. Once finished, I noticed how bad they are. Needs replacing as well in the near future…

In the meantime I used some liquid rubber to stop the leaks at the back.

Watergeus – a bit of everything

29th January 2011 – I have done a lot today! In the morning we tiled the toilet, bathroom and entrance of the back accommodation on the Watergeus. In the afternoon I helped sanding the wheelhouse with my parents. Later that noon, the Frantsis left her mooring next to the Watergeus. She has her own spot now!

The back of the Escapade, breaking her down to original hull is going quickly

The Frantsis on her new mooring


Watergeus – Kitchen

25th January 2011 – The last piece of multiplex for the back accommodation has been cut and mounted. Normally, no more wood work should be done in the back area.

I also started doing some basic plumbing.

Watergeus – Bed and toilet room

23th January 2011 – I ran out of multiplex again. Since I needed some more for the bed, I had to break down an old wall on my yacht to have some wood. Since it will be used underneath the tiles, I don’t mind it has already been painted with a funny brown colour.

I vanished the inside of the bed, painted the outside and finished the little toilet room. Everything is now ready for being tiled.

Watergeus – Painting and toilet room

22nd January 2011 – I made up my mind about the little toilet space. I removed the tiles on the floor, some parts of the wall and other stuff. I now have a clean room.

Since I will put tiles around the bathroom, at the entrance and in the toilet I made a first layer of sheets of multiplex. Tiles will be glued on it.