9th May 2007 – Last night was great, until the burglar alarm of the Aldi shop at the other side of the dock went off, at 2 O’clock. It continued working for over an hour, I never noticed police. Yesterday was a disturbed night, today again, I’m starting to feel it, but hey I have chosen to live on a boat in Bruges.

When I got back from work, I noticed that two boats behind me, the spits had returned from a holiday, as I taught. I went talking to him and discovered he went to the shipyard for his 5 years periodic dry-dock and cleaning. The price was so high, he decided to go to another shipyard in a few weeks time. In the mean time he returned back to his mooring. I found it really sad for him. So far, I’m one of the only people that didn’t have any major problems with a shipyard.

He also told me shipyard Caron in Zelzate, well known for his repairs on house boats and commercial vessels as well, doesn’t take boats that are to heavy ballasted. I had heard that before and therefore find it interesting mentioning on this website. See also my article on dry-docking the Watergeus in May 2006.

In my cargo hold, I discovered four leaks, three of them relative big. Water came in quickly. The porthole didn’t leak anymore.

While writing this section, I heard a boat in the background. Again it was a replica, but the owner seemed to have known the boat while she was commercially. Sadly they opened the bridge, or I would have gotten more time to talk with him. Vaguely, I think to know that man, but I’m not sure…