Month: May 2007 - page 2

Watergeus – wood

5th May 2007 – Last week I contacted several wood stores to check their prices for the wood needed for the floor. Today I visited the two cheapest ones. Since the first one changed his prices from the one discussed over the phone and because they have always been so friendly I went to the other shop and ordered the wood straight away. It will most likely be delivered on Friday.

I estimated, and so I planned the budget, that the floor would cost me around 3000 euros. At this moment, is nearer the 4000 and I still haven’t everything…

Again several boats have passed since I was aboard. I’m thinking of creating a section on this website called ‘boats spotted along my barge…’. I’m not sure yet.

In the afternoon I cleaned the cargo hold and made some free space for the 75 wooden studs that will be delivered. In the meantime my parents painted the inside tube of the big portholes. We took white as colour so the light can easily shine through and give more light. They also finished the holes between the deck and hatches. The whole process of closing this holes will be written in a separate article in the near future.

Watergeus – Power ready

1st May 2007 – Finally, the electricity has been finished, taking up some more hours then expected. A small light in the kitchen and two more sockets were placed today.

In the afternoon, we finished closing the holes between the hatches and the den. After Pe and polyester, we closed the remaining gaps with some kind of filler.