Month: March 2008 - page 2

Watergeus – Working on the floor

9th March 2008 – The intention was to clean the cargo hold from last week and to start sorting out the wood. By the time the hold was cleared, I continued to do the remaining part of the floor, around 40m2. It took me all afternoon but still I’m not finished. I hope to finish it next Saturday.

Sailing certificate and Ghent

8th March 2008 – I had an exam in the morning for getting my sailing certificate. I’m not sure yet whether I have passed. It takes 4 weeks before you know the result.

In the afternoon I walked around in Ghent to take some pictures of the house boats. I visited an old ice breaking tug that was converted into a bed & breakfast. A nice ship, I would have been convinced to buy this ship if I didn’t had the Watergeus!

Watergeus – Preparing meeting and reception

1st March 2008 – There is a meeting of the Vlaamse Woonschepen, an organization that protects and fights for the rights of the Flemish house boat people. The meeting and reception are being organized by the house boats of Bruges, which I’m part of.

In the morning I cleaned my hold, put some decorating stuff in and did shopping for the meal tomorrow. I didn’t have that much stuff by hand, so every item I had was spread over the hold such as an air vent, old fuel cans, small winches, meters from an engine, anchors and navigation lights.