27th June 2008 – In the late evening I visited two houseboats in Ghent, a converted tjalk and a spits barge under conversion.

The tjalk was rebuilt from the deck up and looked in some ways more like a yacht then a tjalk. Even so, I really liked the size and the style it was converted. It looked modern on the inside and with the few to some newer office buildings outside, it was the right ship for the right mooring. I have seen some nice ideas I’m certainly will try to implement in my own ship. So once again, I believe in the idea of learning how to convert a ship by looking at them!

The spits barge had to be converted. An IBA was placed on the barge. It was a massive installation standing in the hold, even looking bigger because of the height of the hold. It was a nice ship with a lovely old back accommodation, suitable to live on during and even after the conversion of the hold.