12th July 2008 – In the morning we finished the little floor underneath the stairs. The following job was to build the roof in the office space. The carpenter recommended to wait, but since I had seen how he built the walls, I started building it myself with my father. It took us all morning, but two third have been done.

In the afternoon we went looking to a piece of furniture, described as a library. In the end it was a big *****. I bought it and it will be delivered on Wednesday. Not many people like oak furniture, but it is nicely build and undamaged, I decided to buy it. The price was good and it will nicely fit into my living room.

I took an old computer from my parents place and installed it in the office space in the hold. It makes the room less empty and more useful. I’ll use it to look up my plans or other important items needed during construction. If I wanted to make something clear, we all had to go to the back accommodation to have a look, now I can show it in the hold.