15th July 2008 – Today I painted the roof of the front cabin. It was well damaged and scratched when putting the propeller a few months ago. Since it was a little heavy I had to drop it. Tomorrow they’ll bring a cabinet for the living room I last Saturday bought. Since we have to enter it through the roof, I had to remove all the hatches from around it. This took me over an hour. I found it the perfect time to paint the area around the big roof window. It had never been painted and the metal plates looked relative rusty. I had to clean the metal first, undo some scales of rust and remove all the dust. It looks much better, I even believe without hatches she would look nice. Since the hatches are helping to have less condensation, I’m going to keep them. Also, she looks more original.

Since I have one room finished, I notice I’m sitting more in the hold then in the back accommodation. It really gives me a good feeling!