26th July 2008 – Since I still had some pieces of hatches left from when they were cut out for the skylight, I decided to do something with them. I cut them in small pieces for on the roof of the entrance cabin. This was te only piece of naked metal where I still had condensation. So I made a small roof I later finished with wood. The flowers are now higher, less rust on the metal and a protection of condensation from the outside. I still have some pieces left, they will finally go to the local scrapyard.

I repainted my gangway wit a wood preserving product. It was over a year since it was last done and reasonably necessary as well.

On the meantime, my father continued drilling holes in the ribs of my ship, his favorite hobby!

In the evening I cycled to Ostend where one of my neighbours had moored his ship for a three days holiday. We had a little meal, a few glasses of wine and a nice chat. I didn’t stay to long, since I had to cycle all the way back as well.