2nd/3th August 2008 – Saturday morning we painted the remaining parts of the back accommodation and a part of the side of the hull on the water side. The ship is starting to look nicer again.The roof is gray painted, like the primer. I started to like this colour and it keeps the inside of the back accommodation that little bit cooler then the dark green, previously painted.

The lower part of the crane was painted black for multiple reasons. A whole white crane didn’t look at all. Furthermore, it often needs oil on the turning points, so the white would become a kind of brown, but not nice at all.


In the afternoon I went to Ghent. I visited some friends, before going to a party. I don’t know why, but a party on a ship is always just that little nicer then one on land.

The next day I visited some more friends in Ghent before returning back to my ship. That night I couldn’t sleep since my little skylight in the back accommodation is leaking and the dripping in a bucket was noisy.