9th May 2010 – The next day looking at a project is a lot different then the first moment. Now you realise how much energy it will cost, certainly when you wake up with pain in the back, neck and head.

I decided to do it a bit more relaxed today. I made a little mast for the bow of the ship. A boat with no mast and flags doesn’t look right. My parents came to eat so I only worked in the afternoon, starting with making a small inventory of what needs doing in Bruges:

  • Making the engine to run
  • Cleaning the outside
  • Emptying the back accommodation

The more I looked around, the more I got fascinated they way the Ontario was built, the details in the den and boeisel. So I started chipping rust till it came dark.

Also some more water was pumped out. She is no longer having a list, but is now taking my light in the living room.