Month: July 2012 - page 2

Collecting stuff

7th July 2012 – Today I was on an old wooden trawler. I don’t like boats being scrapped, but sometimes there is no other solution. When I was there, at least three people told me ‘there was a time of going’. The trawler was once converted into an expensive sailing boat. It had been neglected for years.

I bought a few items from the ship for my own little boat. In the early days I would take anything usefully. By now, I’ve learned to take only what is necessary. I’m running out of storage space…

Hornblower – Welding and exhaust

2nd July 2012 – I see the welding work is coming to an end. I might need to weld a few more hours and then the bulkhead is totally finished, including the metal floor of the wheelhouse! The last big plate of the bulkhead is now in position.

I took the last bit of the exhaust. It is so thin I might as well make a total new one… It became to late to make noise, so I gave up working today!

Hornblower – Some painting

1st July 2012 – There are a lot of things that I need to do in the coming weeks. I’m not sure where to put my priority…

There was one piece of the bow that was still in red paint. I was doubting what colour I should give. This evening I painted it white!