24th October 2018 – There are four houseboats at the yard, three on the slipway and one in a dock. Every morning we wake up around the same time and then we guess on who’s boat they will work. There was no welder yesterday.

This morning they started on the steilsteven again, but then the other houseboats have to wait again. The idea of finishing one ship and then starting on another one has clearly not come to their mind. What about getting more welders in?

So I finished starboard side and put a coat of primer on it. While my father did the sides of the ship with tar, me and my mother did a second coat of primer.

In the late evening, I cleared all the tar where they have to weld at some point. It was some advice I got from a skipper. If there is to much tar, they burn it away and if the plate is weak, they create holes.