Month: March 2020 - page 2

Tordino – Lights and screens

12th March 2020 – I mounted the light bulbs and the brackets for the televisions in the hold.  Nearly ready!

The Keersluis is locked since yesterday and will remain locked until Saturday. I have an 86 meters ship next to me. 

Stern – Colvic Watson 26

8th March 2020 – While searching for ideas, I found the Colvic Watson 26. A nice model of a ship ith nearly the same dimensions. The ship is wider then the Stern, but I can try make it look similar, certainly the interior. The idea is looking good, but I need to study a little more in this type of ship and the options I have.

Watergeus – Door and wall

8th March 2020 – Today the door was mounted between the workshop and the technical room.  The wall was finished and I started working with t&g. The door is similar to the ones in the living accommodation. I always kept a spare door and now, after 12 years I can finaly use it. Never throw anything away!

Stern – Moving the ship

4th March 2020 – We moved the Stern to a temporary mooring. The previous owner has to move his big ship to my location. I will come alongside tomorrow evening. We pulled the Stern by hand. She was a bit heavier then expected. With her cover and sad condition, she fitted with the other ships down the road….

Watergeus – Workshop and LED

2nd March 2020 – My neighbour gave me some good advice about my LED lights. I tuned them, pointing at the metal. Now the back accommodation is lighted up. It looks much better then just a light strip. 

I also continued working in the workshop, building another wall with insulation and plywood. The next step is the ceiling and mounting the door between the room for the central heating and the workshop. 

Watergeus – Plywood

2nd March 2020 – Buying plywood and unloading it aboard the Watergeus. Since I don’t have much space, I have to get small quantities. After nearly fifteen years of converting the Watergeus, I don’t want to know how much wood was loaded aboard this ship…

Watergeus – Proper stairs into the workshop

1st March 2020 – I mounted some proper stairs in the workshop. Makes life easier getting in and out. I made some good progress today. The most annoying thing is the small room, filled up with stuff I still need. Two packs of insulation are now gone, so I can walk around. I now notice the luxury of Tordino, where I have six meters of width to work.