Month: January 2021 - page 2

Stern – Removing the old toilet

19th January 2021 – What had to be an easy job turns out in a small nightmare. I had to buy a hull skin fitting, then I had to buy the right drill and in the end the hole was made. When I removed the old toilet, which was totally dry, I wanted to seal the old hoses. I sprayed foam into them. It came out straight away including a lot of water. So there is still water in the old pipes. I hoovered out as much as I could, and I will go shopping again tomorrow to find the right fitting to seal them… A wasted afternoon and now a worrying evening!

Tordino – Outlet for the chimney

17th January 2021 – I drilled a hole for the chimney of the new heating system. It took me some time to get through the meal, not really knowing what was happening. After the hole was made, I discovered tere was a rib with wood at the side of the hole. This means I now have a 9.5cm hole instead of 10cm…. Probably the only rib I could have, I had it….


Tordino – Small jobs, the end is near!

15th January 2021 – The kitchen is getting cleaner, I removed some more old wires and lights that were no longer working.  Some Ikea decoration is now hanging instead. The inside of the bedroom cabinet is partly in t&g, since I ran out. A proper lifering is hanging outside and my blueboard sign is fixed. All small jobs, taking a lot of time. 

Tordino – Kitchen cupboard

13th January 2021 – The kitchen cupboard was painted and the water tap mounted. It worked without leaking! After mounting tiles without them dropping from the wall and now a good working tap: I might become professional after all… 

Tordino – Cabinet in bedroom

12th January 2021 – The cabinets in the bedroom needs redoing. I started with painting the inside but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted. I will have to put in new plywood.  I replaced the kitchen crane but needs some help to tighten it. So in the end I did nothing as I wanted it to be done….

On the bright side, I received a gift from a local historical organisation: several books and objects from World War II.

Tordino – Porthole and kitchen

11th January 2021 – While my mother painted the kitchen doors, I mounted the last porthole in the ship. This time it was for the entrance of the front engine room door. Some nice bronze portholes give a nice touch to the ship. There is still some work to do ti finish the back accommodation. What started as a small makeover of the wheelhouse ends up in redecorating the whole accommodation.

Tordino – Tiling the kitchen

10th January 2021 – The kitchen area is one of the last rooms I need to upgrade. I removed the wallpaper at the kitchen cupboard. The idea was to drill holes in the tiles and screw them like it used to be done. I ended up gluing the tiles. It was a first time job, including cutting the tiles. I was happy with the result. We shall see somewhere next week if they still stick. 

The doors of my cupboard were damaged by the previous owner. I made some new panels. Not sure if I shall paint them or vanish them….

At least, some work has been done.

Tordino – New heather

9th January 2021 – I was always against pellet heather since I had some issues with my first model. It never worked and I spent more money on repairs then what I paid for it. Last year I bought a new one for the Watergeus and I’m happy with it. Now I’ve just ordered one for Tordino for the living room. I want it a bit warmer then what comes out of my central heating system. It is a cheaper model, but it gives 8KW. Should be enough for the old accommodation. I will need to make some adjustments to the living room and outside so it fits.