Month: January 2021 - page 3

Tordino – Parquet in the wheelhouse part II

6th January 2021 – I finished the  parquet in the wheelhouse while my mother cleaned the compass. A support, similar to the one in the Watergeus, was made to hold te compass. It needs varnishing before everything can be mounted. A few more small jobs were done.

On the steps of Tordino, I mounted three bronze bars as anti-slip.  The came from old steps I found aboard Stad Rotterdam. They are more then 100 years old. Mother cleaned them earlier this week and now they are useful again! 

Tordino – Small details and parquet in the wheelhouse

5th January 2021 – I started early in the morning mounting the curtain boxes again. I made them a little wider so we can easily have access to the curtains now. The bathroom was redone last year but I hadn’t finished the little details, something I did now while I had my compressor and nail gun aboard.

Most of the afternoon was spent building the  parquet in the wheelhouse. I need another day to finish it. 

Tordino – Curtains

4th January 2021 – We hung the curtains aboard Tordino in the afternoon. It is looking cozy. I also removed the unnecessary stuff and tools from my living room. I don’t know wat the Dutch are having with little storage, but I ran out of space a long time ago.