Month: February 2021 - page 2

Tordino – Antother check

9th February 2021 – I did a quick check on Tordino. After a phone call in the wheelhouse I felt asleep for an hour. It was so lovely in the sun behind glass….

The entrance was still in position. I was a bit worried when the ice would melt, that the whole construction could slide down.

Cold weather

8th February 2021 – I just checked my ships today and it wasn’t a bad idea at all to do so. Snow blew into my door of the Stern. On the Watergeus, I had forgotten to switch on the heather but on Tordino everything was fine. I’m not feeling so comfortable with these temperatures. 

Stern – Woodwork

1st February 2021 – I had an issue with my car and ended up with no car. My father came to pick me up in the garage. I loaded his car with some wood and tools so I could at least continue aboard the Stern.  I did some small jobs in the evening but I need to do a lot more tomorrow. 

The bedroom needs a second coat of paint, but it is to clear. I will have to add some darker wood to make it look better.