Month: October 2021 - page 2

Stern – Wheelhouse floor

5th September 2021 – Just after finding the water in the bilges on Sunday, I had to break up the wheelhouse floor. The hatches were not properly made and I couldn’t open them. The only solution now is to work with aluminium profiles. They will align the side of the hatches.  Sadly enough the weather was unreliable so I only got as far as one hatch…


Stern – Wheelhouse windows

4th October 2021 – Time to continue with the wheelhouse. I didn’t have time yet to go shopping for the wheelhouse floor, so I continued with the windows. It was no longer raining so my tools could stand outside. This is a major problem not having a workshop anymore…


Stern – Water in the bilges

3rd October 2021 – It was still raining heavily in the morning, so I couldn’t start working. In the afternoon I had a look and discovered quite a lot of water in the bilges. It is guessing where it is coming from. By the evening, I had hovered it out twice and it stayed dry. Probably the hatch for the batteries wasn’t totally welded and caused the problem. I sealed the joint with silicon and will have a look tomorrow.