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Inland vessels

  • Anthonetta: The Anthonetta is a converted Luxe Motor. She is built in 1929 and is now functioning as a house boat in Rotterdam.
  • Capri: The Capri is a Dutch Barge built in 1916 in Amsterdam. She is used as motor yacht / house boat.
  • Esme: The Esme is a Luxe Motor, built in 1927. She will be mainly used as a house boat.
  • Hoop van Zegan: The Hoop van Zegan is an in 1911 Dutch built Hagenaar. She has been converted for living aboard.
  • Hope: The Humber keel Hope has been converted to a house boat.
  • Johmar: The Johmar is a Dutch Barge built in 1935. She is now used as motor yacht and house boat.
  • Joma: A Luxe Motor built in 1935 and these days used as a B&B on the Isle of Wight
  • Nova Cura: The Nova Cura is an Luxe Motor, built in 1928. She has been restored to original condition. She is now used as house boat and office.
  • Museumschip Tordino: An inland vessel converted into a museum
  • Terra Nova: A Luxe motor from 1929
  • Saul Nomad: Saul Nomad is a replica of a 1920/1930’s style barge. The websites contains information from the building to the launching to the finishing touch!
  • Van Nelle: The Van Nelle is a Dutch Barge built in 1915. She is being used as a motor yacht and house boat.



  • Unterelbe: A Finnish coaser built in 1939, still trading cargo!


  • MS Elbe: A Dutch ocean going tug, now preserved in Rotterdam


  • AMS 60 Bernisse: The Bernisse is a coastal minesweeper built in Belgium in 1954.
  • MSO Mercuur: The Mercuur is an American MSO minesweeper, now used as museum in Scheveningen.