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Watergeus – Sealing the windows

24th February 2007 – When windows are placed, between their frame and the steel of the den, there is always a small gap, just enough to let water slowly enter the boat. Therefore you can make use of packing or silicon. It took us some time to fit the windows nicely and close them with silicon.

In the afternoon, the pipes for the toilet, shower and exhaust were placed on the waste water tank.

A lock was created to close the door from the outside and the inside. Later that evening some more welding was done on the bulkhead.

Watergeus – Filling up the ballast tank

23th February 2007 – I had prepared everything for the trip (see article), but forgot about putting weight in the back, so the propeller would be under the water, not halve above. If the propeller is above water, you can’t sail backwards! Therefore I filled the new waste water tank with canal water.


The deck was painted on the side visible in Bruges. This will make her look nicer for when we arrive somewhere next week.

The holes for the portholes of the bedrooms and corridor were drilled, those of the kitchen and bathroom re drilled.

Some more plating of the watertight compartment were welded.

In the late evening the preparations for the trip were discussed, while drinking some coffee and beer.

Watergeus – Painting the entrance

22th February 2007 – In the morning, since the weather was dry, I painted the main entrance in black, according to the rest of the boat’s style.


While the first coat of paint was drying, the windows for the kitchen and bathroom were placed. Since I couldn’t drill with my hand, which is till not healing, the holes could not be re drilled to match the windows.

In the afternoon, I made a trip with Rinus’ new boat, the 1929 build Arma. She is a maatkast built on the dimensions for sailing through Friesland. It was a small but relaxing trip.

While sailing on the Arma, the welder started working on my bulkhead, the last thing that needed welding before leaving Sluiskil.

Watergeus – Painting and messing around

27th January 2007 – Painting in a t-shirt with wed feet (boat was leaking) is not recommended in January! I was ill, something I’m certainly going to have trouble with in the next couple of days! Besides a bit of painting and disconnecting my neighbours Lister engine, not much was done today!

Watergeus – Painting

26th January 2007 – When arriving, all holes were made in the den for the windows. They only needed to be a bit more enlarged to fit the windows in, but the clarity I’ll get with those windows will be much more then with those eleven portholes!

The outside of the back accommodation and wheelhouse were repainted today, so she is starting too look nicer. I tried to paint the hull with tar, but because of the bad weather, my little boat wasn’t stable and when it started raining, I had to quit completely.

In the late afternoon, my engine ran for an hour. I had new diesel, so I tried the engine out on full speed in reverse and forward. She is still going strong!

Watergeus – Diesel tank

21st January 2007 – Today, an extra diesel tank was placed aboard my boat. I sold my spare Lister engine and the anchor from the back was moved forward.

The spare tank will be used for the heater in the living room (has to be build). It is now still the moment to put everything aboard the boat. Once in Bruges, there is no crane barge in the area.

Watergeus – Locating the Windows

20th January 2007 – Last week, I ordered some rubber to put on the den to protect the hatches. I will put it on just before leaving Bruges when all welding works are finished.

Besides cleaning the bilges, the technical room was repainted in a lighter colour. Last year I painted it black, not knowing what intentions I had with that room. The welder continued putting on the other windows.

In the afternoon, we drawed the lines for the six windows, mentioned in December 2006. those six windows are slightly curved and much more difficult to place. It is hard to miss with a porthole, but those windows, if one is wrong, you’ll notice straight away.

This job took us over three hours. Trying from the inside and from the outside. In the end, we worked from the eye and didn’t measure anymore. If it looks right for the eye then it was good. There is nothing straight on a boat, so what to use as a fixed point…

Watergeus – Painting the anchor

19th January 2007 – This afternoon I arrived in Sluiskil. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it earlier. There was indeed no damage to my ship. The neighbour had lost his name sign on the bow and some paint. Instead he is now having some blue fishing boat paint…

While I was there, I started working, painting my anchor, which I was planning to move very soon to the front.

Watergeus – Storm

18th January 2007 – There was a big storm in Europe, especially in Great Britain, France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. I was at home, so I could only hope that my hatches would hold it. My neighbour called late in the evening to let me know that the trawler in front of us broke free and had hit our vessels. There wasn’t much damage.