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Hornblower – A dry boat

17th December 2011 – It had been raining all week.  There was a lot of wind. The only water that came in was through the wheelhouse doors and windows. It felt good to know the boat is dry!

In the morning I did some T&G in the living room, in the afternoon I went to pick up my new car. I went for a small van. More useful then an Opel Corsa.

Hornblower – Living room (part II)

5th December 2011 – I started on the other side of the living room. I didn’t get as far as I planned, but following the curve of the ship takes a lot of time.

I wonder how much time the bathroom will take. This area has several corners, and different curves….

It took me five years to convert the Watergeus with the help of my parents and some friends. The original plan was to convert the Hornblower in three years. If continue at this rate, she might be ready by next winter. I’ve now run out of wood and money, so this might stop me for some time…

Hornblower – Water tanks

3rd December 2011 – On Thursday I bought some sheets of steel for the engine room of the Hornblower. On Friday I went to Rotterdam for the water tanks and fittings.

Today I painted the bathroom.

Owning a boat also means driving around to collect some pieces. It is very hard to convert a boat without owning a car.

Hornblower – Water tanks

2nd December 2011 – I found some affordable water tanks in Rotterdam (Rotterdam Plastics). I went to collect them today. They are the right size for the Hornblower. I needed some tanks that are not more then 54cm wide, since the door opening is that size.

Hornblower – Metal sheets

1st December 2011 – On the Internet I found a small advertisement about some sheets of steel for sale. The man had five of them left. I just have enough for the wheelhouse floor and to make some flooring around the engine. They are now on the deck of the Watergeus and will probably stay there till I’ll need them. Every sheet is nearly 100kg!

Hornblower – Bathroom

26th November 2011 – I’m planning to finish the bathroom by the end of the month. I still need to build a frame for one side, put insulation and cut the sheets of multiplex in the right size. Electricity and plumbing also needs doing.

By the end of the evening, most wood work was done.

Next Friday, I will have my two new water tanks. They will come in the front of the boat in the bathroom. I have chosen this area, since all water pipes are on a short distance. The boiler an pump are also in the same room. This makes it easier to manage if something would go wrong.

The water tanks will come on a small stage. The stage connects the bulkhead to the floor in the bathroom.

Hornblower – Heather

12th November 2011 – In the morning I went to see another boat for somebody. In the afternoon I started working. The first job was making sure the anchor winch would turn again.


Later I worked on the heater, fitting the chimney and fuel pipe to the tank.

In the evening I mainly spent some time in the bathroom.

Hornblower – Anchor winch

6th November 2011 – Already since I had the ship I was looking for a small anchor winch. On Internet we found two winches for the leeboards of tjalken. They were for sale in Amsterdam. On arrival, I discovered the man was selling heaters. So I did buy one while I was there. It is a nice big Heatpol.

The other winch will go to the Frantsis.

Hornblower – Bathroom

3rd November 2011 – I have a small room that is suitable for the bathroom. I built the first ribs for the inner walls. The shower is 70cm by 70cm, every wall is 8cm thick. I have 54cm left for the toilet. It is just enough, but I wanted some more space. This is often a major problem on these vessels. They are only 3,2m wide!

The most work in the bathroom is the planning and the plumbing. I’m not sure yet when it will be finished, but I doubt if it will be the end of the year!

Hornblower – Fuel tank

1st November 2011 – Most of the day I worked on the Watergeus, cleaning the deck. On the Hornblower, I worked out where the fuel tank for the heather should come. I mounted it in the afternoon and welded some brackets.