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Stad Rotterdam – Cleaning and cleaning

19th December 2020 – Back in Franeker, today it was for working on the Stad Rotterdam. We cleaned the remaining bit of the hull and started with the upper structure. Sadly enough it was not possible to keep the current paint system. It was to damaged by the recent work and it had been outside without any maintenance. This means we will have to work another two days of removing paint.

Stad Rotterdam – Discussion

9th December 2020 – The problem of yard that far away and so many parties involved is the discussions need to go through WhatsApp and miscommunications are often happening. Like today we had an argument about the watertank, what wood needs to be ordered, etc.. Every few lines we need to take paint and draw it so everyone understands us.

We are going back on Saturday to talk to the yard and to see how much progress went on the last two weeks.


Stad Rotterdam – Removing tar

28th November 2020 – We arrived last night and stayed in a b&b.  The whole day we removed tar from the sides of the ship while the third person cleaned the bilges. The yard had made some progress, but not as impressive as last time. The bottom plate is done, but the sides and the ribs still needs to be done. I was exhausted in the evening and slept most of the journey back home. 

Stad Rotterdam – Planning and cleaning the hull

21st November 2020 – We went with the three of us to Franker to have a meeting and to do some work.  The meeting took some time but we got there in the end. Once in the hall where the vessel is being converted we had the unpleasant discovery that the ship is not as high and as wide as we believed so. We made new plans and by changing the position of the bulkhead, and adding the watertank to the front, we can keep the same living space. 

Most of the afternoon was gone by removing tar from the side of the ship while one of us was scraping the bilges. A whole barrel of dirt came out.  I hoped to discover some older marks, but instead I found a rotten spot and a few old old scratches from hitting something. It is so interested to be so close to to a ship, you start feeling her history. I removed some paint from the bow to find out the old colours that were used.

Exhausted but happy with the result, we returned our journey to Bruges, another 4 hours of driving. 

Stad Rotterdam – Survey and shore power

17th November 2020 – Working on a ship is more then just doing the technical planning. There needs to be done a lot on the mooring as well. There is no shore power. I’m using cheap extension cables for my yacht, but once there is proper houseboat, wee need enough power to run the ship.

Secondly, I contacted the Belgian survey company. It is only possible in Belgium or Germany to get a CVO survey done on an old ship…

Stad Rotterdam – Interior

5th November 2020 – In the evening we had a good chat with the architect Wendy Rommers on the Stad Rotterdam. With the four of us we got an idea how the ship should look like. She followed our ideas and next week we have a new meeting. I’m glad not to be responsible for the interior. I have way to much a classical view on interiors with t&g, small rooms, etc.. Not really my thing!