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Stern – Second coat of paint

11th October 2021 – The floor and panels got a second coat of paint or oil. I finished the wooden box for the car radio of the wheelhouse and I built a wooden box for underneath the wheel. At least I can put some stuff in there like spare fuses, etc…

Stern – Working and sailing

8th October 2021 – The fuel tank is filled up again and ready to go. I made a small trip, but had to go back since it was getting dark quickly. Maybe not the brightest  idea to leave so late in the evening.


The floor in the wheelhouse is nearly finished and I made a bracket for the compass. The Chinese ordered battery charger is working. Let’s see what will happen to the battery.



Stern – Wheelhouse floor

5th September 2021 – Just after finding the water in the bilges on Sunday, I had to break up the wheelhouse floor. The hatches were not properly made and I couldn’t open them. The only solution now is to work with aluminium profiles. They will align the side of the hatches.  Sadly enough the weather was unreliable so I only got as far as one hatch…


Stern – Wheelhouse windows

4th October 2021 – Time to continue with the wheelhouse. I didn’t have time yet to go shopping for the wheelhouse floor, so I continued with the windows. It was no longer raining so my tools could stand outside. This is a major problem not having a workshop anymore…


Stern – Water in the bilges

3rd October 2021 – It was still raining heavily in the morning, so I couldn’t start working. In the afternoon I had a look and discovered quite a lot of water in the bilges. It is guessing where it is coming from. By the evening, I had hovered it out twice and it stayed dry. Probably the hatch for the batteries wasn’t totally welded and caused the problem. I sealed the joint with silicon and will have a look tomorrow. 

Stern – Bathroom

27th September 2021 – I finished cutting the planks for the floor of the toilet area, also made a box to cover the pipes and i made a small cupboard for some products. Happy with the result!

Stern – Planning and miter saw

20th September 2021 – I just bought a new blade for my saw. Finally I can cut some wood again! This is the only machine I don’t have a spare one hanging around and I need it daily.  After cutting the hatch for the engine room, I went for an evening walk making some plans. Plans weren’t made but it was a beautiful moon! 

Stern – Making a two trips

19th September 2021 – I made a small trip to Stalhille and back, then made one on the harbour of Ostend and came back. It was a different location this time and nice to see, but not sure if I want to do it regularly.