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Watergeus – Bringing boxes aboard

17th January 2022 – I brought the first moving boxes aboard. It will be a hell of a job to empty the Watergeus after 17 years living aboard… It is with pain in the heart I’ve started. My main concern is to find a new owner who can show as much love and respect as I did.

Watergeus – Maintaining the plants

30th August 2021 – With the summer being gone in Oudenburg , if you can actually call it a summer, it is now time to concentrate on Bruges again. We cut the grass around the ship, cleaned the decks and so one… Maintaining three ships takes a lot of time!


Watergeus – A bit of cleaning

21st May 2021 – It was a very windy day, but I gave a little clean to the Watergeus. The decks were green and the grass around the flower pots reasonably high.  You notice these things when you are more often on the ship, but lately by working on Tordino, I had no time maintaining her or the Stern.

When people can start skating…..

14th February 2021 – When people can start skating, it is time to worry about pipes and frost damage. I had trouble with the bathroom outlet but also with the cold water system aboard the Watergeus. I’m not sure yet if the Stern will be fine. I did put a lot of heating aboard but it is still worrying.  I had a few drinks in the evening aboard the Stern. It is a small ship, so easily to heat.  The canal is sill partly frozen so we shall see tomorrow. 

In the meantime, the outlet issue of the Watergeus is solved, but it is still only 11°C in the living room, 3°C more then this morning!

Watergeus – frozen pipes

14th February 2021 – No matter how hard I tried keeping everything warm, the outlet pipe for the bathroom is frozen. I can’t use the shower or toilet at the moment. It is really cold, dry air and minus 5°C.  I added another electric heather in the technical room. Let’s hope there is no permanent damage.

Bruges – High water

29th January 2021 – I have never seen the water so high as today. I was glad to be at home so I could keep an eye on both my ships. The Stern nearly ended up on the wooden beam on the side of the canal. Watergeus is much deeper in the water. Since water was raising quickly, there was the chance  that Watergeus could lift up its gangway or gets stuck underneath it. None of this happened!