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Baron – Some water in the bilges

20th June 2021 – I was not surprised to have water in the bilges. I was even happy the ship was still afloat. I haven’t known a night were it rained as much as last night.  Today I left the hatches open so it could dry out. When I connected the shore power, my fuses jump. So one year to make her seaworthy again is not over the top! It might be very realistic.

Baron – Paperwork

18th June 2021 – Today I got an insurance for the ship and I started scanning the old documents to find more historical information. I looked at the pictures I took in December, also thinking about the serious damage on the side I have since it got stuck under the quay, I don’t know… I really going to need that full year of renovation.

Baron – Closing the leaks in deck

15th June 2021 – I closed the three leaks I made with the high pressure machine last month.  I noticed the ship was badly damaged getting stuck under the wooden quay. She needs to move quickly. I have an appointment next week at the marina to drydock her.

Baron – Cleaning

18th May 2021 – I’m not the owner yet, but I already started cleaning the ship, opening the floor, checking the bilges and removing rubbish.  At the end of the evening, I got some fries and and ate aboard the sailing yacht. My own experience so far is that she is stable in the water.