Watergeus – Tar

7th May 2008 – I mainly painted the hull today, since I use a brush it takes much longer then expected. Why a brush? Well with a brush you can get the tar more deeper in the corners and rust places on the plates and overlapping’s.

In the morning I helped my neighbour to help her hanging her Tibetan flags. Life is so much easier with an aluminum mast instead of a full metal one like mine.

Watergeus – Painting

6th May 2008 – Today we painted most of the ship parts in primer, some of them already in their final colour. Items painted today were:


In the evening I went getting a propeller of a spits barge. It will be used as decoration on the front cabin. After putting this heavy piece on deck, I started painting the hull with tar. It was already less hot, so it was nicer to paint it black!

Working on the engine aboard the Upendo

21st April 2008 – We started the engine of my neighbour. Even it is a modern engine, it is a beauty, turn the key and it starts. It runs and can continue to run forever (or as long as we have fuel). That’s he difference of buying an out-of-commercial ship or something like me. Mine was cheaper but on the long run it will be as expensive. But my engine still runs as well and that is the main point. I must say, I prefer a clean engine room above one with oil and lot s of broken tools…

This made me think I urgently need to clean the engine room one day…

Going to Sluiskil

20th April 2008 – Lovely weather today. Since I had been working quiet hard for the last couple of weeks, it was time to have a break and visit my friends in Sluiskil and Terneuzen. Before leaving, I decided to take another picture of my crane, now with sunshine.

While in Terneuzen, I went looking at the Arma that was dry-docked for inspection. She really is a nice looking vessel.

Watergeus – Wood work

19th April 2008 – Wood working today! We continued the side of land so the frame structure is now finished and ready for insulation in the coming week.

Furthermore we build a wall that closes of the technical room in the front from the hold. In the technical hold are the water tanks, fuel tank, water pumps, spare wood, etc…

By the end of the evening,t he whole wall was built.

Watergeus – Mounting the davit

18th April 2008 – Painted around the windows on the inside. When a wooden frame is around the windows, it is no longer possible to paint the metal behind it. Metal will always be visible around the portholes, so I decided to paint it know while it was still easy to handle.

In the late evening two friends came. One of them is a good welder, so he could help me sorting out the crane and place it on the back. After two hours of hard work, the crane is in position and working. It is solid, but no enough for a lifeboat yet. I’ll try finishing the welding tomorrow.