Tordino – Moving to a new mooring in Oudenburg

14th April 2021 – I slept aboard Tordino with the generator running charging the batteries. When I woke up, it was cold. I started the heather and half an hour later the main engine. The skipper from next door came, so did a friend from Oudenburg and my regular skipper for Tordino. We left and had a nice journey. All the bridges and the lock opened straight away. I was happy. We even fit under the old railway bridge which is normally limited to 5 meters 20, while Tordino is 10cm higher.

There was a small issue with Stalhille bridge which had a technical issue. Once it was solved we continued our journey and made it safely to the temporary mooring.

(c) Peter Velle
(c) Peter Velle

Once the concrete has dried out I can use the new mooring posts and move my ship around 300 meters forward.

Tordino – Painting and generator

13th April 2021 – We continued removing old paint and painting the decks. I stopped working late in the evening. All decks are now painted with the exception of the part on front of my back accommodation door.

When the temperature started to drop, I started the generator. It just started. I will keep it running for the night.

Tordino – Building the new stair

12th April 2021 – I started building the new stair. Each leg is around 100kgs and it took me three hours to position the first one and 2 hours for the second one.  I couldn’t use  a grainder for the damage of the sparks. I started using a saw. By the end of the evening, I was happy with the result but exhausted.

Tordino – Breaking down a wall to build the new entrance

11th April 2021 – I started by running the bowthruster and generator. Then I sorted out the rope work so every rope is on a single bollard. Being moored for two years, having had a lot of loaded barges alongside, I often added a few ropes or just redid them.

It was to windy to work outside, so I cut the wall between the old and new entrance. I tried moving the supports for the stairs, but they are to heavy for me to lift.

Tordino – Mooring posts (3)

7th April 2021 – In the morning I went to pick up steenschotten for the gangway. I used the same panels as floor for Aquarel years ago. They are solid and can be used outside.

In the afternoon I welded bits and pieces to the metal pipes for the mooring posts. At least, the pipe will now stick in the concrete.



Tordino – Mooring posts (2)

6th April 2021 – After making several phone calls to get some heavy pipes and some more stuff for the mooring, I went to Oudenburg to enlarge the holes and to make an extra one.  Should now be enough to secure Tordino properly.

I also started cleaning the concrete. I want is as clean as my neighbour.

The repairs aboard the Maxx – Launching the ship

3rd April 2021 – Today I helped launching the Maxx again. Sadly enough it was again no success. The manager of the marina wanted us to stay in the water, while I was sure this was not a good idea. After about 5 minutes I could no longer keep her up without pumping. I tried moving the ship with the idea of bringing her to a yard, but the steering was that bad I had to return and taker her back out of the water.