Month: November 2019 - page 2

Tordino – Bathroom part II

7th November 2019 – I removed the old floor in the bathroom, which took me two hours. Three layers of linoleum and two layers of cardboard. Most of the t&g is now finished. I managed to paint one side with primer. The next bit will be done tomorrow.

Tordino – Meeting & technical issues

6th November 2019 – I had a meeting with the city about working together for a database with our collection and pictures.

After this successful meeting, I went aboard Tordino to verify a few technical issues for the bathroom, mainly where to put the new plumbing….

Tordino – Heater & electricity

4th November 2019 – Still not feeling very good. I had to be on Tordino for a survey of the central heating. The thermostat had to be replaced and some cleaning had to be done as well.

While I was there, we worked on the electricity in the bedroom. All lights and sockets are now working.

In the late afternoon, I did some T&G in the bathroom but had to stop.

Tordino – Cabinets and cables

3rd November 2019 – I finished the cabinets in the bedroom, mounted some more cables and prepared most things for tomorrow, when we will connect everything.  Today is the only day it is not raining. I cut most of the wood I will need later this week.