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1st October 2016 – I drove through the country to collect to miniatures of ships. One is a British fuel tanker and the other one a British steam tug. Both of them will be visible at the museum space aboard the Aquarel.

There was a great party in the evening in Beernem with some boat friends. A perfect way to close the evening!

Aquarel – Welding

21st October 2013 – I finalized welding the roof. The boat should be dry now if it rains. It gives me a good feeling to know you are safe for the winter. A metal roof is one of the milestones in the conversion of the Aquarel. Later that evening I continued closing holes in the roof of the back accommodation, a job I will continue with tomorrow when it is daylight again.

Aquarel – Shelves

16th August 2013 – Finally I finished building the shelves for the workspace area. Somewhere last week I bought four shelves. They are boring to mount and it takes me an average of 1 hour to build one… They are not as solid as the people in the shop told me. I have to find a way to strengthen them…