Month: March 2018

Tordino – On the yard (again)

30th March 2018 –  Tordino was taken out of the water the next morning. I was up all night with a pump, trying to avoid water getting near the generator or bow thruster.

Two plates were welded on the bow of the ship. I hope they will stop the water from coming in.



Tordino – Visits at the yard

18th March 2018 – I started early, doing some t&g in the hold. It was to cold to work outside.

Two friends paid me a visit at the yard. We had a few drinks and walked around! I showed him te repairs made and where they should look at their next yard visit.

Tordino – Cutting pipes

17th March 2018 – I had to be early at the yard since they needed to cut a few pipes from underneath the engine room. There was a small risk on fire, so I wanted to be in the engine room.

In the afternoon, I painted the propeller tunnel and the sides of the engine room where the pipes were hanging.

Tordino – Painting!

14th March 2018 – The first beautiful day since I’m at the yard. A perfect day for painting. My parents painted red and white where it was necessary. I was still watching in the hold where they were welding. In the evening, I helped putting another layer of tar on the boat.

Tordino – First plates on

8th March 2018 – The first two plates were mounted on the hull. In the meantime I made some inspection holes in the wood to have an overview on where they were welding. My mother started painting the boat in tar, so did I in the late afternoon.