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Terra Nova

20th August 2023 – The Terra Nova serves as an example to me. It is a perfect maintained ship with a nice set of colours. I used it for the Watergeus, Stern and Tordino. It are typical inland barge colours used in the Netherlands.

Scrapyard visit

11th October 2022 – I managed to visit the scrapyard in Antwerp through the help of a friend. I ended up with some paperwork and a nice ‘spoelbak’, a metal box to do the dishes outside.

(c) F. Janssens
(c) F. Janssens
(c) F. Janssens

Afterward, we went to his place where he gave me many documents and a nice model of an otter for the museum.

An icon leaving Ostend

11th August 2022 – Since I was a child, I’ve always known this ship to be in the port of Ostend. They towed it away and it will be taken out of the water in the next couple of days. I don’t know if many people will notice the ship is gone.  It is believed to be an old Mickey, an English minesweeper from during the second World War.