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Watergeus – A story that ends today

13th May 2022 – Tomorrow I will deliver the keys to the new owners. I closed down the website and the Facebook page of Watergeus. The website Living Afloat which was intentionally built for people to follow the conversion of the Watergeus will remain online. I’m not leaving the water, still having the Stern and Tordino and living along the water in a canal house… 

I will continue to help people with tips and tricks to live on a barge. And who knows, maybe one day I might just buy another one. All my tools are in storage, not thrown away! 

For the followers of my blog, not much will change. I hope to start soon on finishing the Stern and in the meantime, you can follow the life on the canal and the museum aboard Tordino. 

where it all started in December 2005

Watergeus – Removing the bedroom and cactuses

12th May 2022 – Today I removed the bedroom furniture. These where the first proper pieces put in the Watergeus. I also removed the cactuses from behind the windows, they have been there for nearly 15 years! The bedroom will be reused as firewood and the cactuses will move to Tordino for a second life!

I took some nice pictures of a clean Watergeus, ready for her new owners.



Watergeus – removing old metal

11th May 2022 – In the evening, we removed all the old metal from the ship. It looks much cleaner now, less looking like a workshop and more looking like a houseboat again. In many ways  a shame I have to throw away so much stuff. On the other hand, who will ever need rusty metal plates or a half rotten lifeboat… 

Tomorrow I need to remove the bedroom and then the ship is ready for delivery to her new owners.

Watergeus – moving stuff

10th May 2022 – Probably one the last days of moving stuff. I just parked my car in the street to fill it. I don’t know where to store it, but at least the boat will be empty in time. 

A friend came who could use some stuff. At least I’m glad I don’t have to throw it away. I had some old traffic lights, dating back from when I had the Brother….

Watergeus – Moving more stuff

3rd May 2022 – I drove four times to move stuff from the Watergeus, like my audio system, frames and paintings, pellets, LED lights and the big flower pots from the gangway. I still need to drive several times as far as I can see…

The more I clean the ship  the less it feels like my boat. The Watergeus is  losing it look and feel, but memories will stay! The end of an era is nearby. 

Watergeus – Moving the last server

28th March 2022 – The last of my servers, the one with all the pictures I’ve taken since the beginning of my boat passion was moved today. Since it still has traditional hard drives, it had to be moved carefully. It is now up and running aboard Tordino. For the people who think I’m old fashioned, I do have a backup in the cloud.

Watergeus – Emptying the workshop

19th March 2022 – The workshop was built during the first Covid-period. I had plenty of time and was lucky to have ordered the wood and insulation two days before there was a lockdown. It now feels strange to empty this space. My parents removed most of my tools last week. Now it is up to me to take the bigger parts like the cupboards and the old panels of other barges that I was storing here.