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Watergeus – Painting front accommodation, wood delivery and a last goodby to the Ross Leopard

4th October 2010 – In the early morning I went to the Ross Leopard to take some pictures of her being towed away. The tug never showed up and I felt asleep in the wheelhouse. Half of the morning was gone…

While I was waiting for the wood to be delivered, I painted the front accommodation. When this was done and the wood aboard the Watergeus, I finished the second entrance to the boat.

Ross Leopard – Last drink

28th September 2010 – The bar of the Ross Leopard was open one last time. This boat, once a famous night club in London, is a Grimsby built deep sea trawler. She was moored in Ostend for several years and is now heading to the scrapyard.

I have only known the ship after it’s glorious period, but never the less I had a good time and met several great people, of which I still can call them real friends!

Ross Leopard – First meeting

15th April 2004– I read in the newspaper another shipwreck had arrived in Ostend, so I went to have a look. I met two nice people with a historical trawler, converted as a club for nightlife in London. We had a great chat and I was allowed to take some pictures. A visit to remember…