Month: May 2015

Just back from London

31st May 2015 – I have been in London for two days. Saw some friends, had a BBQ on a boat with musicians, artists and actors. It was great!

What have I been doing the last month. I worked a lot, mostly on the Aquarel and the Watergeus. I didn’t had any time so far to make updates to my blog. I will try to do this the next couple of days!

Aquarel – Sorting out my tools

17th May 2015 – Still sorting out my stuff. I’m surprised to see how many things I have, but once they are sorted out, it seems acceptable. My barge can only handle 165 tons of cargo. If I continue like I have been doing the last two years, I’ll get close to her maximum capacity. I did manage to clean the front deck. Only one engine and two big sheets of metal are left. The other items are now stored aboard the ship.

Aquarel – Building shelves

13th May 2015 – I started building shelves in my workspace area. I’m storing everything in boxes and old pieces of furniture. It works me that way, but I’m loosing to much space. Second reason why I want to build them is so I can finish one area in my work space. One wall had been insulated, I still had to finish the other one. It takes more time then expected.

While taking a break, I decided to add the second wheel to my anchor winch. It looks much better now.

Aquarel – Starting again…

7th May 2015 – After a hard month, I could finally think again on the conversion of the Aquarel. I was no longer interested in any boat. Now I’ve just draw some plans for the work area. I need a sink, more shelving and a descent floor. Just the idea I’m planning again gives me satisfaction!

Aquarel – Storage issues

6th May 2015 – A friend of mine is selling his boat and my stuff needs to go. Last week, I managed to put some in the Aquarel, but now I can’t enter the boat. I have some shelving in the work area. It was time to clean them and resort my stuff. I was surprised to see how many drill bits I found back. I will have to make my way through all the items I have.