Month: April 2020

The repairs aboard the Maxx – Helping a friend

3oth April 2020 – I was aboard the Max again to see what progress was made. The rudder was still stuck, and by removing the interior at the back, it was still not possible to get to it. The only option left was removing the rudder from beneath by cutting a piece out of the bottom of the ship. It took us a few hours to get this, what is looking as a simple job, done.

I was standing in the back cabin to check for possible chances of fire, but everything went safe!

Stern – Registration

30th April 2020 – I could finally register the Stern under my name. At the beginning of the year, the registration was 150 EURO, since April 1st it is 50 EURO. The application to register wasn’t working since they had to reprogram it. Once they fixed it, they could not publish it because they were waiting for the price change to be published official. 

So one step closer in moving the ship to Bruges…

Stern – Boxes for the navigation lights

28th April 2020 – The whole idea of converting the Stern is to make her look as traditional as possible. Working on the outside, once the Corona measures are over, is priority one. I already have a wooden skylight, but I also want to have boxes for the navigation lights. I drove to Tordino to pick up some metal. On the way back, I received a message on Facebook about existing lightboxes for sale. 

In the evening, I started looking for model and sizes. If the buyer doesn’t accept my offer, I will make them myself tomorrow. 

Tordino – Flaky paint

26th April 2020 – I a had an early visit in the  morning because the AIS failed to give a signal and the evening I had to drive back for the same reason. I might consider replacing the GPS antenna if it continues like this.

While I was there in the evening, I cleaned the decks and noticed a lot of flaky paint. Time to do something as quick as possible.

Tordino – No AIS

24th April 2020 – There was no AIS signal since early in the morning. I had a look and needed to reset the device. Once it was working, I did a few small jobs aboard like mounting a light, putting a label on the ship and finishing the metal strips in the bathroom.

Watergeus – Wheelhouse and deck

22nd April 2020 – I continued with the wheelhouse. Giving a coat of oil early in the morning. Sadly enough it was not dry in the evening, so I continued sanding down the other sides of the wheelhouse and filling up the wholes and rotten parts. It was a nice wheelhouse, but it is really starting to show its age.

I discovered a leak in my deck last week. Tomorrow I will weld it when I have someone to check for possible smoke or fire inside the ship. I prepared the deck removing the old bronze pipe.