Month: February 2019

Tordino – Painting

26th February 2019 – The initial plan today was to move the Arma back on her mooring. The yard wasn’t finished so I continued with the roofs of the cabins.

In between painting, I washed the whole ship. I was surprised to see how dirty the ship was after a short winter…

Tordino – Statieplank

16th February 2019 – Besides being open for an extra day, I mounted the new statieplank on top of the car crane, like it used to be the last thirty years. In the Library, we moved some furniture and in the museum, new objects were added.


Arma – Nearly finished

13th February 2019 –I was surprised to see how much progress was made. The hull was painted, the windows mounted at the front on deck and the engine room was closed. Water tanks were in position and the people of the yard were doing the fittings. A nice project for its purpose.