Month: October 2012


28th October 2012 – I made a trip in the country instead of working. I went to Péronnes, Oudenaarde and Ghent. The weather was surprisingly good. Besides a lot of nice pictures and some ideas for my own conversion aboard the Hornblower, I found some ships where I believed they were scrapped a long time ago!

I’m planning to go there more often!


Hornblower- Frame in the wheelhouse

25th October 2012 – Building a frame is one of the jobs I like doing most. I spent the evening building the frame for the side of of the wheelhouse. When building the frame, you can easily see how the room will look like. The frame must be solid and there should be enough supports. otherwise the panels won’t hold or will start bending.

Hornblower – A quick paint job

23rd October 2012 – I should have taken some pictures before I started painting. Nevertheless, I painted the top of the wheelhouse, around the windows. It was all black or painted with a gray prime. In the last month, the Hornblower didn’t look that great. She was covered in a big sail or she looked dirty. By painting it quickly, I made a big difference.

Hornblower – 200 meters of duct tape

22nd October 2012 – The windows are finished and so is most of the welding aboard the Hornblower. All the covers are gone and she looks like a real ship again. I removed the card board from the windows, including over 200 meter of duck tape.

Pictures will follow when I have time.