Month: August 2011

Watergeus – Portholes in the bow

30th August 2011 – I want to mount two portholes in the bow of the ship. It can be good, but it might look wrong as well. I must make sure it doesn’t look like two eyes watching like a fish. Instead of just cutting a hole, I took the little work boat and drawed them on the hull with chalk. I will take the second one, the nearest one to the anchor.


Hornblower – Bathroom

27th August 2011 – Yesterday evening I painted the bow, outside and inside. Today I started early by cleaning and repainting the roof of the bathroom. In the afternoon I worked in the bathroom, insulating one side and putting in some basic wood. I mounted the portholes as well.

Hornblower – Cleaning and painting

26th August 2011 – During the week the bow was raised. It has been done with a double feeling. It changes the look of the ship, it is not an original (historical) alternation. I’ve made the decision for a few reasons. She was not looking original anyway, but I need some more space in the ship. Once the deck is raised, you can sit on it as well.

I must admit, when I first saw her, it looked bigger then I expected. The pictures below don’t give an accurate view of the size. It is bigger then it looks. Once the anchor winch is mounted, the railing and the bollards, it will look different!

Hornblower – Deck (2)

16th August 2011 – The whole deck is gone. In the afternoon we cut out the deck completely. I hope I made the right decision.


I spent all morning cleaning the back of the boat, removing rust and dust. I painted deck and a part of the cabin with an old paint. I hope it will last a longer period.


Hornblower – Deck

15th August 2011 – During the day I drilled so many holes. They are necessary for the wooden frame in the bathroom. While working I discovered multiple holes in the cabin. They were welded in the afternoon.

In the late evening we started burning out the deck at the front of the boat. Since it was quiet thick it took a lot of time. We gave up and drank some beer!

Hornblower – Mounting the windows

13th August 2011 – In the morning the windows were mounted. I fixed the broken porthole. In the afternoon I went to look for some more portholes. I will use them on the Watergeus and the front cabin of the Hornblower.

The idea in mind is to create a big ‘bakdek’ on the bow of the vessel. I get more space in the front and the watertanks don’t have to move to the engine room.

Watergeus – Deck storage

3rd August 2011 – Near the wheelhouse are two storage units, also called tabernakels. One of them contains my deck pump, the other one is filled with spare ropes. I cleaned one today, painted it and it looks good. I’ll do the other one tomorrow.