Month: January 2024

Tordino – Mainly working on BBS Software

24th January 2024 – You don’t see that many updates anymore. I’m spending most of my time working on an app we have developed with the Museum.  It is taking a lot of time to enter data and new modules. This evening or should I rather say night, we launched a new version.

It is all in Dutch, but it could be useful if you own a Belgian barge…

Belgische Binnenvaart Schepen – Nieuws (


Tordino – Getting the furniture for the reading room

2nd January 2024 – I rarely buy new furniture, and even less in a shop like Ikea, but for the library there is no other cheap solution. For years I’ve been buying Kallax cabinets and they are easy to mount, always the same model and colour, so whenever I need to extend the storage I can add some more. I bought three of the biggest they have. I hope to be safe again for a year or two…

Tordino – Wood work in the library

1st January 2024 – The conversion has taken to much time. I’m working on several projects and I notice the extension of the library, the reading room, is a bit left behind. I made a deadline: 1st February it should be ready. So I continued working today happy with the result!