Month: December 2015

Op Hoop van Zegen – Getting cleaner

8th December 2016 – The whole floor, the metal sheets and some old furniture are gone. The room looks bigger and now I can clean it much easier. The fuel smell is still terrible. I don’t know what to do at this stage. The more stuff I remove the worse the smell becomes. May I should leave the windows more open again.

Op Hoop van Zegen – Breaking down the shower and ceiling

6th December 2016 – I removed the shower and the last remaining walls/ ceiling from the main area. Sadly enough, the smell of the diesel is worse again after removing the floor last week. I found out there were more puddles and even big ones near the bulkhead in the middle of the ship.

The metal is visible in every corner and now I can start cleaning, removing rust and insulation beads. No matter how carefully I had tried removing the insulation, many sheets did break.

Aquarel – Painting the bathroom

3rd December 2015 – Instead of working a few hours ever now and then, I worked a whole day. The bathroom got a second coat of paint. The room was to white and bright for me. It didn’t feel right. Instead of driving to a shop in Bruges, I had a look to see what paint I had left in my workshop. I found some light green, just enough for two coats. One was done today, the other one will be for next weekend.

Painting a few parts green does break the bathroom. It gives a more home feeling. Once the plumbing is done, I’ll put a floor.