Month: November 2019

Tordino – Painting and construction work in the hold

30th November 2019 – While my mother painted the bedroom and bathroom, I worked in the hold, making the frame for the ceiling. The middle section of the hold is the only part that is not insulated.

It took me some time to lift a five meter wooden beam three meters high. The second beam is now resting on the wheelhouse roof in the hold. Mounting this one will be for another weekend…

Tordino – Painting the bedroom II

24th November 2019 – The bedroom got it second coat of paint. I pulled a power cable through the engine room into the kitchen accommodation. The hatches were covered with leaves. I had no chance to clean them last month, so I did it now. It took me some time, but if now rains, it will be clean again.

Tordino – Floor around the toilet

18th November 2019 – I built a new floor around the toilet and shower. This was the last piece of woodwork I had to do in the bathroom. It took me nearly a day to rebuild a new frame and put some wood on top of it. The old floor was rotten and every time I cut a piece away, I discovered some more was rotten…


At the end of the day I repaired the roof of the wheelhouse. It is a temporary solution, but better then letting the rain getting into the wheelhouse.

Tordino – Preparing the hatches for a cover

17th November 2019 – I had to put metal bars in the brackets that secure the hatches on the den. These bars will be used for holding the cover. I bought the bars last month but had to paint them. Today it was dry and warm, a perfect moment to do the paintjob and to mount the bars.

I also decided to clean all the leaves on the hatches and the den. It took me over one hour to clean the ship. When I left, new leaves were already falling on the ship again…

Tordino – Wooden beams

15th November 2019 – In two weeks time, a cover will  be mounted over the hatches. Therefore I had to act quickly by putting the biggest pieces of wood in my ship. I went to pick them up and loaded them aboard my ship.

Tordino – Bedroom floor

14th November 2019  – I started building the bedroom floor. It has a hatch with access to the shaft. I want to keep this feature so I built around the hatch with my new floor. Since both sides are not straight, I only managed to build halve a floor.

Tordino – Bathroom part IV

11th November 2019 – I did a small job today, painting the remaining part of the t&g in the bathroom with green paint. It took me two hours to do this small bit behind the toilet and heather.

In the afternoon, I went to pick up  a model of a steam tug, powered by paddles. This was the only kind of tug I was still missing in the collection.

In the evening I went to some friends, help them with their newly bought ship.