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Baron – Wooden hatches to Bruges

24th July 2021 – I just moved the hatches to Bruges where I will try to oil them whenever I have time.  The problem of converting a ship is storage. Tordino is a big ship, but I have no space left at all on that ship. I tried storing most in my van, but I need my van next week..

Baron – Sanding down the clamps

22nd July 2021 – I wanted to have done something but was a bit out of energy. Maybe the nice life in Plassendale, maybe just tired.

I removed the wooden clamps and sanded them down. Three of them are fine, one is rotten. Not sure yet what to do with the back hatch as well..


Baron – Sanding down the hatches and table – Part 1

19th July 2021 – I bought a new sanding machine, couldn’t possible find the other ones… In the evening I started sanding down two hatches and the outside table. One hatch needs some patching and the table will be fine for one, maybe two years.  The third hatch was still fine.  The metal underneath the hatches needs replating as well… I might work with a system to bolt in on the old deck…

Baron – Cleaning

27th June 2021 – I finally started cleaning the ship by removing the sails into my van, followed by rebuilding the bench on starboard side.  I had an old tin of black antirust primer. I sprayed it where it was rusting badly. At least, it can’t become any worse at the moment.

The engine ran for half an hour. Started straight away!

Baron – Engine

26th June 2021 – Yesterday I managed to get the batteries charged.  Today I made a quick inventory of the engine room. I noticed the sea tap was open. So I wonder what happened to the anti freeze the owner put in… He always reminded us the tap was closed and we were not allowed to start the engine.

Bilges are drying out and the pump didn’t run anymore. Or it is broken or the keel is dry…