Month: December 2016

Aquarel – Welding

16th December 2016 – Doing the repairs. The yard did the welding while I was the lookout in case there would be fire. Since most of the ship was built with the idea of welding in the hull, there was no risk of having a fire. Therefore, I decided to watch the welders and learn…

Aquarel – The survey

13th December 2016 – The surveyor came from Holland and did a check on the hull. The tunnel of the shaft needed doubling plates and a few old pipes had to be sealed. Not bad for a 100 year old ship!

Aquarel – Going to the yard

10th December 2016 – The Aquarel was pushed to the yard with a small tug. The engine is still not fixed and part of the deal to acquire the Tordino is a yard visit for the old lady. She is 100 years old! It took us six hours to get from Beernem to Zelzate.

Pusher ready
Turning on her mooring in Beernem
Leaving Beernem
Near Aalter