Month: March 2024

Tordino – Several small jobs

27th March 2024 – A window was replaced in the wheelhouse. There used to be a cheap plexiglass , but now it is proper glass. The hinches at the front of the ship, where the emergency exit is, were replaced with more solid versions. A new sign ws mounted to show the entrance of the museum and finally some new museum items were added.


Tordino – Museum content

17th November 2024 – I removed another section of seagoing vessels to make room for the inland waterways. The idea to remove all seagoing stuff was already a plan of last year, but sadly enough there was no time.

I also continued scanning postcards and adding them to the online library. Nearly there… 

Tordino – Cleaning the decks on port side

9th March 2024 – About time to clean the decks of Tordino. It was all green and it became slippery. Also, looking from the other side of the canal, the ship started to look neglected. I’ve been working so hard on our BBS platform and some other (private) projects, I didn’t had any time to maintain Tordino.