Month: December 2014

Small update

21st December 2014 – As usual, it is busy and my body isn’t recovering from a cold as it should be. I wonder why…

Progress is slow on the Aquarel, I’ve done some more insulation, cleaning up, T&g and I mounted the chimney piece for the diesel heather in the hold.

Aquarel – Mounting the chimney pipe

20th December 2014 – Dry weather, but a lot of wind. I decided for a go and cut a few holes in the ceiling. One was for air ventilation at the entrance of the hold. The second one was for the chimney pipe. The cutting was the easiest part. It took some time since I had to run downstairs several times to check if everything was safe. I had nobody to help me with checking for fire or smoke…

MS Java – Craning out the boat

1st December 2014 – The boat was craned out today. The welder had some metal chairs to put underneath the ship and four heavy profiles to keep the ship stable on the chairs. Craning took some time. We needed a big crane and they always come in two parts, the crane and a deeploader with the ballast and the remaining accessories for the crane.



Aquarel – Lining out the den

1st December 2014 – Just the morning free to do some work on the boat. I finished lining out the den on the other side. It now has a good thick layer of insulation and one layer of multiplex. The T&G will be for another day…