Month: May 2009

Watergeus – Plumbing

28th May 2009 – Another day of plumbing, now it was the waste water system that needed connecting. Since I’m using a massurator, it saves me at lot of hassle creating holes n the ship. One outlet is enough for shower, toilet and kitchen.

Watergeus – Shower and front cabin

24th May 2009 – While I was building the support for the shower tray, my mother washed the front accommodation. In the afternoon and evening I continued and finished the frame of the front cabin. Next week I can insulate the area and put the panels on.

Watergeus – Flooring the front cabin

19th May 2009 – I started building a frame for the floor in the front cabin. Having build several frames in the past for different areas on the boat, I must say this one seems a little harder to built. Everything is bended and the metal construction exists of old sheets of metal they must have reused in the sixties when building this cabin.

Watergeus – Emptying the front cabin

18th May 2009 – Coming weekend I want to build the frame for the front cabin. Since not all my tools were removed, I decided to clean it. Besides some wood, there were also steel plates, a heating element, some pieces for the bow rudder, a few hoses, a box with spanners and a lot of paint.

It did obviously took more time then planned to remove that much stuff out of this small area.

Watergeus – Plumbing & hold

15th May 2009 – Tomorrow I have a barbecue with some colleagues. They always wanted to see how I live on a barge, so it was the perfect moment to combine this with a barbecue. The preparation took most of the day since the hold had to be emptied. This was one of the reasons why I had built the storage system last Wednesday. The more stuff I could permanently store in the front or back, the better.

The boiler was connected to the water system and some fittings were mounted on the water pipes as well.

Watergeus – Plumbing

13th May 2009 – The plumbing for the bathroom is ending it’s final stage. A few more pipes were connected, but it could all have been done more easier if the frames were straight and less corners were built.